CHALON Fabien – english version

We can see Noart and Jorge Enrique in the Fabien Chalon’s work. The paint like binder and pigments mixed is not their preocupation. Do you remember the Noart’s phone box, or the Jorge Enrique ‘s metallic surfaces abraded an scraped ? Fabien Chalon shows in the Olivier Waltman Gallery, sound installations. What it is heard here is like the icing on the cake ! Small electrics worlds in cages, cages open on all our interpretations. In this way, our adult’s look hits our child’s soul. This part hided inside us appears suddenly. It makes find the right sense of all. This works of art are a poetic and philosophic rise toward truth…

For seeing, click here :

La bouche d’Irène (sculpture film)

La vieille fusée (sculpture film)

noart-psychotronje men fous

french version