ENRIQUE Jorge and the art’rules

If I was an art critic, I would see in the Jorge Enrique’work, something postmodernist. We can see in his work something from abstraction, something from conceptualism, something from formalism and also something from himself. Actually, he takes some elements in these artistic practices, and creates finally something new and personal.


Influenced by abstraction, this artist creates spaces strange to all visible things. They penetrate in the visitor’s spirit with their mythological evocations. The Labyrinth, mixed media on aluminium, is an example. In this work, the artist speaks about him and also gives us a mirror in which we could see our contradictions and our difficulty in findind a place in the life.


Influenced by formalism, Jorge ENRIQUE uses materials like a vehicle of soul. Here, there is something metaphysic, something which disappears from view, but which is an integral part of metallic surfaces abraded and scraped.

Actually, we have to say it : Jorge ENRIQUE paints on sheet metal with car paint, epoxy and resin. The Farewel Minautor is an example of this practice. The colors chosen move on an aluminium surface in a free and random way. They express the deeper layers of personality, an abolition of rational self-control.

je men fous

The attraction for abstraction and formalism drives Jorge ENRIQUE to conceptualism. But if he gives importance to the idea behind the work, the art being a language for him, he doesn’t give up his appearance. There is a work on the materials, whether it is the paint or the support. Miami is his tank. He takes some metals, some textures of surface and some shapes. What lies below illustrates this experimental artistic practice. In a limited chromaticism (black, grey, white, red) and a calculated geometry, the artist realizes an imprint of the city.

what lies below

Jorge ENRIQUE isn’t a young « up and comer ». We can see it easyly here. He is postmodernist because he knows the school rules. However, he distances from them in other singular things.

Because I am philosopher before being art critic, I see in his genius, something Kantian. Indeed, for Kant, the genius is the nature which gives his rules to the art. Jorge ENRIQUE doesn’t apply rules, but he produces rules. By being who he is, they are what they are. We have here a beautiful illustration of what are rules in Art.



French Version

Une réflexion sur “ENRIQUE Jorge and the art’rules

  1. The Enrique Jorge’s works are charming. Their charm comes from the research of an unconventional language that uses the painting as vehicle.

    He represents the search for a particular communication technique, that takes shape also thanks to the used instruments.

    In my humble opinion, today, the difference between a good artist and a genius is above all in the communication form.

    I thinks that if the artist uses an original technique (thanks to tools, materials, etc.), and he transmits deep feelings or reactions, we can say that we are in front of a genius.

    It’s wrong the way of thinking that all painting technique is explored.
    It’s better talk about what we don’t have yet discovered.

    I mean that the contemporary artist has to look around like a radar to sense not only what he want to represent, but also new tools … the tools that now we use to make other jobs, he has to transform in their tools (like « colors », « brushes » and « canvas ») …

    In my opinion, Enrique Jorge is a great example of what the Contemporary Artist has to try to paint… a genius.


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